Creative architectural illustrations from my time with Undercover Architecture

Whilst working as an architect at Undercover Architecture I loved working through the design of each project by creating a series of illustrative sketches. The drawings below are all part of projects with Undercover Architecture - learn more about them and their brilliant work here!

Underground bar with blue bench illustration

Illustrated bar scene for Undercover Architecture

Colourful laundry room in bubble gum colours illustration

Illustrated laundry room for Undercover Architecture

French style seafood restaurant illustration

Illustrated seafood restaurant scene for Undercover Architecture

Japanese restaurant illustration

Illustrated japanese restaurant scene for Undercover Architecture

Cotswolds country house illustration

Country house architectural illustration for Undercover Architecture

Cotswolds country house greenhouse illustration

Potting shed illustration for Undercover Architecture

Cotswolds country house design birds eye view illustration

Country house birds eye view illustration

White balloon installation

Illustrative design sketch for installation at Feast Festival 

Seafood restaurant design illustration for bar stools

Design sketch for a seafood restaurant 

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