Personalised Maps & Artworks

It gives me great pleasure to create personalised maps and artworks. I collaborate closely with every client to bring their ideas to life and enjoy fine tuning my pieces to ensure all personal details are just right.  

Each personalised map is completely unique. Designed to reflect the life of the person it’s made for, a lot of research, and a lot of love, goes into every bespoke piece I make. My personalised maps and artworks make excellent gifts and are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, important birthdays and other special occasions. 

"Katherine, thank you so much for the beautiful artwork you made for Bayju. He said it was the best present he had ever received. So many treasured memories, we keep looking at it. You've created a beautiful and original form to present a story - what a talent that is. It will be enjoyed for years to come. Wishing you every success in making more of these!"     Priya Thakar, UK

"When I first saw the artwork that Katherine created for us, I was completely lost for words and very nearly started crying. It is a very beautiful thing, so incredibly personal, which is something at the outset I really had not envisaged. We have it framed in our restaurant and have printed a black and white version for children to colour in at the tables, which is extremely popular! We are absolutely thrilled - thank you so much."    Jamie Farrar, Shell Bay Restaurant, UK

The Process

To get started I require a list of ideas, a "brief", to be included in the artwork. This should specify who the artwork is for, the deadline and a list of what you would like to be included in the artwork. 

Photos of specific items such as the family home, or favourite pets are also really helpful, although not absolutely necessary. 

Once I receive your finished brief, I will prepare a pencil sketch laying out the general composition to give you an idea of what the final artwork will look like. This is the point at which we can make some additions and changes, and often seeing your ideas on paper can give you inspiration for some extra special personal touches. 

I then prepare the final artwork, first drawing it in ink with my "Rotring" technical drawings pens, and then painting in watercolour. Each artwork is made on Vang 300g Universal Block paper, which is acid free, PH neutral and has superior archival and lightfast properties.   

The Brief

When coming up with your brief use these guidelines below to inspire those ultra personal details

Who is the artwork for? Their name, hobbies, favourites things, funny stories and unique personality traits

Important places: Favourite holiday destinations, homes, schools, wedding venue, places of work etc.

Text: Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, slogans, important birth date etc.

The more personal details the better! Often it is those funny moments captured in a small detail that really make these special. 


How long does it take? Turn around is generally 3-4 weeks from receiving the initial brief. Sometimes I can fast-track works, depending on my work load. 

How much will it cost? Prices start from £150 (A6 size) and vary depending on the complexity and size of the artwork. The pieces featured below are 21cm x 21cm, and cost £380. For this price they come mounted, and in a 30cm x 30cm wooden frame. There is a choice of white, black or beech finish frame.  Get in touch if you have an idea for an artwork and I can provide a specific quote.

How do I receive the artwork?  I ship artworks worldwide. Alternatively I can provide a digital file that you can print and frame yourself. 

Like to discuss an idea?

If you would like to know more, just send me a message here!

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