1. Personalised Wedding Map commission

    2020-02-28 17:10:00 UTC
    I received a lovely photo from newly weds Sonja and Rob, who I recently created a personalised wedding map artwork for! They are posing with their cat Simba, who also appears in the artwork. Sonja commissioned the custom artwork as a surprise wedding present for her future husband Rob. The…

  2. Illustrated map for the University of Cambridge

    2020-02-27 17:10:15 UTC
    I am very happy to announce that I have been working for the past few months on an exciting project for the University of Cambridge.  I was approached by Cambridge and asked to create an illustrated campus map of the university and the surrounding city, to be used as the…

  3. Shop launched with Not On the Highstreet

    2019-10-22 12:34:00 UTC
    Yippee!! I have just launched an online shop with Not on the Highstreet, where I am selling all of my illustrated map prints and where you can also order personalised map artworks. My illustrated map prints series includes London, Brighton, Dorset, Swanage, Edinburgh, Berlin and 5 districts in Berlin including…

  4. Neukölln map screen printing experiment

    2019-05-30 15:20:59 UTC
    Earlier this year, I did a workshop at Vetomat in Friedrichshain (Berlin) with Dylan, learning how to screen print. I wanted to explore more manual processes of printing my work, as currently I only print digitally, and as a ‘hands on’ person I miss being personally involved in this final…

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