Personalised Map commissions

I love making these personalised map commissions. It is always so heartwarming to read through the list of ideas that people put together, see the family photos from the 1970/80/90s and hear the amount of love and attention that has gone into their planning for the artwork. In the past few months I have been very lucky to have been kept busy creating a number of personalised map commisions, for clients in the UK, USA and Germany.

Most of the requests for personalised illustrated maps have come from families who have been separated due to the Covid lockdown, unable to have the celebrations they had planned and were looking for a special gift filled with their favourite memories to show their loved ones how much they care.  

The first image here is an artwork created to celebrate Jim’s retirement after 33 years working as a submarine engineer. His wife and children put together a fantastic brief for me, filled with photos of Jim’s passions and hobbies, their family’s homes, the pets and the beautiful town where they now live. 

Map no. 2 was commissioned by a group of 12 grandkids, for their grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Map no. 3 was commissioned by a group of 7 friends, for their friend Mandy who had moved to Northern Ireland, and is filled with their shared memories of their time spent together in London.

Personalised artworks are a collaboration between those commissioning them and me. We work together to make sure that all of the details are represented in the best way. 

For more information about how to commission an artwork visit my commissioning page here.

Personalised map
60th anniversary personalised artwork
60th birthday artwork
Personalised 60th wedding anniversary artwork
Personalised 80th birthday artwork
60th birthday personalised present
Personalised 70th birthday artwork
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