I have been commissioned by Take a Walk in (a company from Berlin who create gorgeous hand drawn neighbourhood walking guides) to design the illustrated map for their Shoreditch & Hoxton London guide.  The map will feature the best places for art, food, drinks, music, and shopping to be found in the area as well as interesting buildings and fascinating snippets of local history.  

I am also sneaking in some bearded hipsters on bikes, flat white coffees and of course the famous street art that have become synonomous with the neighbourhood!

TaWi have produced guides of Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and Kreuzberg in Berlin, then Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Madrid.  The guides feature walking routes, and the top things to do in each neighbourhood, and each map is designed by a different illustrator bringing an individual quality to each one.

The Shoreditch & Hoxton Guide is to launch in Autumn 2020.

See more of Take A Walk In's city guides on their website here.

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