University of Cambridge Map 

I was approached by the University of Cambridge and asked to create an illustrated map of the university and surrounding city, to be used as the main display and navigation for a ‘virtual open day’ platform on their website. This platform will be used by prospective students and should give them a visual sense of how the university colleges and buildings sit within the city of Cambridge and the surrounding area.

The university found that prospective students often struggled to understand how the colleges and buildings sit within the city, with no central ‘campus’ as such, but a collection of academic and pastoral facilities knitted into the city fabric. The map highlights the colleges, university facilities and places of interest through individual hand drawn illustrations overlaid on a geographically accurate road map. Presenting the city and the academic buildings in this way gives prospective students a tangible overview of how the two co-exist, without having to visit it in person. With such a variety of beautiful buildings and pieces to illustrate, I loved working on this project!

The map is now complete and the ‘Virtual Open Days’ platform is set to be launched on University of Cambridge website in summer 2020. 

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