New Orleans themed wedding seating plan artwork

I was delighted to be asked to create an illustrated wedding seating plan artwork for a happy couple's New Orleans inspired wedding. New Orleans is a city so rich with culture and steaming with atmospheric landscapes, so it was a joy to delve deep into research for this artwork. 

The seating plan was used to guide the wedding guests to their seat for the meal at the wedding. The centre of the image needed to convey the 3 tables, and the lists of names of guests to be seated at each table.

Each of the three tables had a theme based on an area in New Orleans; the bustling, cultural French Quarter, the swampy and atmospheric Bayou and the picturesque and residential Garden District.

The guest names appear on banners carried by flying birds next to the tables, with the illustrated artwork filling the space the tables, and the spaces around. 

Personalised wedding artwork, commissioned wedding artwork

Wedding seating plan artwork for a New Orleans themed wedding

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